Campus to Corporate

Every student has the potentiality to enter into the corporate world and grow towards the success.

We provide the right solution to the students to sharpen their skills and knowledge on the edge of competition, corporate culture , and right attitude and we create the bridge between college campus to corporate world


Every human being is different from other, hence we believe in person to person development and skill enhancement to reach the success zone. We enhance the personal skills, soft skills, aptitude and technical skills by providing SWOT analysis and expert solution by our professional groomer

  • SWOT analysis of students
  • Designing the training content based on SWOT
  • Focus on Soft skill, aptitude & Technical skill needed for corporate selection
  • Practice session and mock interviews by corporate professionals
  • Efficacy mapping on SWOT
  • Create the success path

College to Corporate Content objectives

To develop Self-Confidence to perform and produce goal oriented results

  • Develop the Interpersonal skills.
  • To align realistic goals and lean the art to achieve.
  • To understand the basics of Corporate and Business Etiquette
  • To develop the skill of effective business communication.
  • To develop adaptive attitude for a Change.
  • To become top rated choice of employers around the globe


Communication Skills.

  • Verbal & Non-Verbal.
  • Manage tone of language.
  • Listening Skills & Writing Skills.
  • Group Discussion

Business Etiquette

  • Creation of positive impression
  • Corporate environment Etiquette
  • Grooming and Personal Hygiene
  • Body Language
  • Telephone and email Etiquette

Presentation Skills

  • Fundamentals of an Effective Presentation
  • Understanding and Overcoming Fear
  • Public Speaking
  • Importance of Managing Voice and Language
  • Managing Question and Answer Session

Time Management

  • Prioritization
  • Dealing with Difficult Tasks
  • Getting Organized
  • How to get away from Distractions
  • Work-Life Balance

Building Aptitude for Written Exams

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning
  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT)
  • Assessment through E-learning

Technical Training (Optional)

  • Microsoft Office
  • Telecom Domain overview
  • Cloud Computing overview
  • Typing Skills
  • Internet Security

Simulated Selection Process

  • Simulated Selection Process
  • Group discussion
  • Facing the real interview panel
  • Evaluation