Chat Bots Solution


One Click Chatbot – SERA is a revolutionary and versatile instant messaging service powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) that can help you automate a number of business processes.

Where can we use SERA – Chat Bot?
Apart from Customer Service, AI-powered SERA can now also be part of your proactive marketing initiatives to help push your customers seamlessly through your sales funnel.
Business/ industry segments where Chatbots are increasingly reaching out to wider audiences like:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail Industry
  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • Insurance
  • Other service-oriented industries

Why Chatbot is good for your business?

Anytime, anywhere, any device customer engagement: One Click SERA empowers you to be available to the customers on touchpoints of their preference, in their preferred language with no restriction of time and device.

Elevate Customer Experience: The AI & NLP capability makes SERA much more than just a “virtual assistant”. It interacts, remembers data, understands & predicts customer needs, which is harnessed for providing accurate solutions and suggestions thus helping customers make the right buying decisions. SERA overcomes the restriction of handling one customer at a time and can simultaneously interact with multiple customers for support, sales and other functions.

Flexible updates and changes: Managing SOP changes and updates with One Click SERA is easy and quick as no development and testing is needed.
Customer Satisfaction: SERA is powered by a combination of SOP based rules, Artificial Intelligence, and NLP which means it treats customers in the perfect way by understanding customer’s intent, which ensures providing effective solutions for customer queries leading to total customer satisfaction.

Advantages of One Click SERA:

    • Engage with your customers on all digital touchpoints to elevate customer satisfaction and boost revenue. Minimized customer service cost by reducing the number of service agents for 24/7 support.
    • Increased Productivity: as SERA Chatbot handles most of the communications, so that support agent can focus more on exceptional tasks.
    • Generate Leads: SERA answers sales enquiries of potential customers related to products and services.
    • Fast and Affordable: Setting up your personalized chatbot using SERA is quick and affordable as we leverage the economies of scale we have developed.
    • Multilingual API Support: The NLP capability empowers SERA to support multiple International and Indian languages.
  • Real-time Analytics: SERA Enterprise bots maintain complete visibility with wide-ranging reporting and analytics.
  • Increase Sales: SERA can be utilized to connect with customers, answer sales queries, and identify a qualified lead, track purchasing patterns and analyzing customer data. It can also be used as a sales assistant to inform the customers about your products and services, stores, pricing, new offers etc.