Device Diagnostics Solutions

The Ultimate hardware diagnostic solution to transform your device support

One Click Device Diagnostics is a cloud based on-device application that enables telecom operators, OEMs, retailers, contact centers and device insurers in fast identification of mobile phone problems related to hardware, software and network for any device across all customer touch points without physical possession of the device. It increases first time repair rate while reducing the turnaround time.

One Click Device Diagnostics is available on the web, mobile apps, kiosks and service centers which enables you to redefine the customer experience.

Who Can Use One Click Device Diagnostics?
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
Mobile Network Operators
Customer Support Centers
Offline & Online Retailers
Customer Support and Field Service Organizations
Enterprise IT Departments

Benefits of One Click Device Diagnostics:

Optimizes Customer Experience: One Click Device Diagnostics helps you optimize the customer experience across all touchpoints like web, mobile, contact centers and service centers.
Reduces Support Time & Support Cost: Remote diagnosis of the device ensures speedy resolution with no need for the customer to visit a service center or the service provider to arrange a pick up resulting in significant reduction in the support cost.
Reduces No Fault Found (NFF) rates: One Click Device Diagnostics empowers Retailers, Service Centers, Insurers and OEMs with a tool to reduce returns for No Fault Found (NFF) cases and identify genuine claims.
Offers WOW Experience: One Click Device Diagnostics enables OEMs to delight their customers and distinguish their brand by providing end-users an easy to use, highly useful and informative diagnostic tool.
Reduces Repeat Returns: With the help of One Click device diagnostics service and support; organizations can ensure that a system is repaired correctly for the first time, thus, eliminating repeat returns.
Offers Preventive Device Care: One Click device diagnostics detects and reports any hidden problems with the device, enabling both the service provider and customer to save money and labor.

Features of One Click Device Diagnostics:

  • Real time diagnosis of all the major device components like Storage, OS, Applications, CPU, Memory, Battery, Camera, Audio, Touchscreen, Sensors and Buttons
  • Comprehensive test histories and results for easy identification of hardware issues
  • Exhaustive system information and device configuration
  • Share diagnostic test results via E-mail and SMS to automate the repair process
  • Supports phones and tablets with Android 4.0 and above
  • Fully customizable with capability to automate tests