Device Simulator Solution

Empower your customers and agents with accurate, relevant, and reliable knowledge

One Click Device Simulator is easy to use, step by step visual guide of devices like Mobiles, Tablets, Dongles, Routers, Smart devices and Wearables for customer support agents to provide an accurate and quick resolution to customer issues related to these devices. The solution has proven track record of reducing Average Handling Time per call, increasing First Call Resolution, reducing repeated calls and increasing customer satisfaction while reducing operational cost.

Benefits of One Click Device Simulator

Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT)
One Click Device Simulator with visualization and knowledge makes support calls short and effective.
The visually guided resolution ensures consistency in the communication and increases accuracy. One Click Device Simulator has a proven track record of reducing the AHT by up to 25%.

Increase First Call Resolution (FCR):
SOP based visual step by step instructions ensures the agents provide the accurate resolution to customer problems. It increases the first call resolution and reduces repeat calls resulting in reduced operational cost.

Reduce Training Time:
The rich visual simulation with vast knowledge base means the agents learn the rope quickly and become job ready from the word go. The shorter learning curve minimizes the impact of attrition.

Multi-Channel Customer Support:
One Click Device Simulator enables you to offer the consistent and reliable support across channels like Web, Mobile apps, Contact Centers, Service Centers and Social Media Channels.

Features of One Click Device Simulator

  • An extensive database of more than 9500 devices with visual step by step troubleshooting guide
  • Customizable solution with flexible delivery models: cloud hosted as well as on-premise hosting
  • Multi-language support
  • Share troubleshooting steps with customer through e-mail and SMS
  • Automated call tagging notes to save AHT
  • Powerful analytics to analyze usage, top call scenarios and training needs
  • Well documented call histories to resume dropped calls
  • Integration with other systems like CRM, HLR etc.