Self – Care Solution

Empower your customers to resolve issues conveniently on multiple touchpoints like Web, Mobile and Social Media.

Why Self-Care?

  • 84% of subscribers like to solve their issues themselves without having to call customer care.
  • 25% of the population in the US is millennials who are tech-savvy and prefer diagnosing and troubleshooting on their own.
  • 67% are though not happy with the products being offered to them by operators. Customers need easy to use products with customized guidance to diagnose and troubleshoot the issues.

Source(s): Forrester & Sensus

Benefits of One Click Self-Care

Faster Response Time: With One Click self-care solution, the customers get their issues resolved in quick time. This reduces the volume of support calls and frees up agents to address critical customer-facing issues, in a timely manner.

Higher Customer Satisfaction: With One Click self-care, customers are able to self-diagnose and resolve issues through their preferred touchpoints without the restrictions of time and language leading to higher satisfaction.

Creating Brand Value: The branded and customized self-care solution increases brand value every time a user gets the issue resolved instantly.

Convenience for Customers: One Click self-service solution is available on multiple touchpoints: Web, Mobile, IVR and Social Media, allowing customers to choose the most convenient option as per preferences helping create strong business customer relationships and leading to increased customer loyalty and business growth.

Features of One Click Device Self-Care

  • Decision Tree – Customers probe through the issue using an easy to navigate decision tree based knowledge network
  • Simulated self-help guides : Visual simulated guides for customers to make configuration changes, install devices, change settings etc.
  • Self-Device Diagnostics Tool
  • Easily integrated and white labelled with your web and mobile presence
  • Content federation and integration with your internal application stack